Holistic Doc, Part I – Shock!

(Eczema followers and friends, I haven’t written a post in a few weeks because 1. My internet at home is sketchy, 2. I have been very busy with work and school, and 3. It’s been a long strange journey for the past few weeks eczema-wise and I just now have the time to try and sort it all out via writing, and the journey is still ongoing).

So after I started pondering the supposed ‘drug interaction’ with the generic Singulair and the possible hormonal imbalance, I started thinking that a naturopath/homeopath may not have been the way to go – that I needed some sort of rebalancing on the INSIDE, because first off, the remedy did not make things better (although maybe it was that type of thing where you get worse before you get better) and I felt that a naturopath wouldn’t really get at the root of the problem.

I started looking up holistic doctors online.  I found an office reasonably nearby that looked really promising – 3 doctors, the website looked very comprehensive, and it said they looked at diet and hormonal imbalance (among other things).  Full of optimism that maybe they would have an opening next week or something, I gave them a call.

The nice lady that answered the phone advised, “You will need to call back in February to try and get an appointment in May or June.  The first appointment is $500”.   (!!!!)  Not believing what I was hearing, I asked, “Do you ever have patients that cancel and then someone can get a sooner appointment?”  “Yes”, she said, “but you would still need to wait until February to call and then maybe you could get in before May or June, the doctors are booked solid and one doctor isn’t even accepting any new patients”.

“Okay, thank you”, I advised, feeling defeated as I hung up the phone.  So that doctor was absolutely out.  By the time May comes around, this whole damn thing could be completely changed or healed.

Going back on the internet and searching, I found another holistic practitioner nearby whose website looked very legit and I liked what I saw.  After a little bit of phone tag, I got in contact with the doctor who had (YAY!) appointments that very next week!

This doctor charged nearly half as much as the other people I called, thank goodness.  I don’t mind spending money on eczema, but only if things work.  I received some information by email and a Symptom Survey to fill out.

The doctor herself was very nice and I enjoyed speaking with her.  She was extremely thorough and comprehensive about taking my history and asking about various things.  She also commended me on being so thorough in trying different avenues to alleviate my eczema (like the billion dietary things I tried giving up) and on being perceptive about the fact that this may stem from some sort of imbalance.  We also discussed some different kinds of natural makeup and natural skincare (Jane Iredale, Coastal Creations, Badger Balm) which I plan to look into.  (I use Tarte concealer right now which has no parabens, butylene/propylene glycol, etc etc. and she said that was a good choice).

I expected her to give me some sort of drug or dietary modification or remedy, but she said she needed to run the Symptom Survey, take into account all of my history, etc., and use her intuitive knowledge of health and nutrition to come up with what is needed for me.  So we set up another appointment for the following week….

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