Holistic Doc, Part II – She wants me to eat WHAT?!?

I should mention that through both appointments, my skin was very well behaved and was not flaring bad at all.  (Which is always Murphy’s Law, I always have pretty okay skin when I’m at the doctor and they don’t get to see it all crazy).

At this appointment, she showed me the results of my Symptom Survey.  Based on what I checked, I had some liver dysfunction and a bit of endocrine dysfunction.  I got a sheet that told about each of these.  The liver sheet said, among other things, that dysfunction of the liver may influence the appearance of other symptoms like sensitivity to chemicals, allergies, asthma, skin conditions, and food sensitivities.  BING!  I have all of those!  So I started to get kind of hopeful that if it was something inside, she could help fix it.  The endocrine and thyroid sheet said (again, among other things) that a malfunctioning thyroid can influence the condition of the skin, and that the thyroid is very sensitive to malnutrition but responds very well to supplements and dietary modification.

Then she pulled out a sheet with four different supplements that she recommended for me (one multivitamin kind of thing, one liver supplement, one thing that acts as a catalyst to get everything acting, and one for fatty acids).  She also recommended a vitamin E cream.  When I saw it contained fragrance, I weakly protested because I don’t use facial products with fragrance, but she said that if I didn’t like it, she would refund me the price of the cream.  The brand of everything (Standard Process) was featured all over the office, with a whole shelf of bottles and a credenza of packages and some brochures on the desk.  This is where I started to feel that she was trying to sell me these supplements, but I understood giving them a try.

What she said about them came across as very positive – that they are ‘whole food’ supplements, very high quality, been around since 1929, etc.  So yeah, I put my trust in her guidance and got out my credit card again to pay for the supplements.

Once I got home, I took a look at the ingredients.  Among other things:









She wants me to eat pig and cow innards and brains??  Although I’m open minded to just about anything (at this point I’d probably be okay with drinking my own piss if it meant I would never have eczema again), this gave me, understandably, a bit of pause.  My first thought was, “Where exactly are these animal innards coming from?  Neither the brochure nor the bottle says they are organically sourced.  This sounds like a big racket for the meat industry to sell this company the left over crap that they can’t use.  And what about mad cow disease?”

But, in good faith, I took my little supplements.  I was certainly not expecting what would happen next….

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One thought on “Holistic Doc, Part II – She wants me to eat WHAT?!?

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