Calendulis Cream from The Eczema Company – Great for Healing!

My fellow blogger, Jennifer, very kindly offered to send me some Calendulis Cream to try from her online store, The Eczema Company.  Jennifer has a wonderful blog simply FULL of great resources for eczema and food allergies.

Her online store is just as great…check it out!!  There are creams and balms!  There is soft clothing for babies and kids with eczema! (The onesies that say “Only my smile is contagious” and “Keep Calm and Carry Balm” are adorable).  There are brightly colored mittens for your child to wear at night so they don’t scratch!  (Boy… I wish my mom had had access to this site back in the dawn of the internet in the early 90s, when Ms. EczemaExcellence was but a young girl and had to make do with white cotton socks tied on her hands at night rather than fun and colorful mittens).

It is an unfortunate predicament in the world that eczema exists, but The Eczema Company’s products at least create a more pleasant and less itchy existence.  So when I got the chance to try out the Calendulis Cream, I was excited to see what it would do for my skin – especially since I had first seen it on my blog buddy The Allergista‘s site, and she gave it a great review.


Jennifer had seen my previous posts, where I said that my skin was overall doing well, but that I still had a few residual spots that would flare and itch a bit – specifically my elbow and knee creases.  She recommended trying this cream to help heal those last stubborn flares.  I have been using it 1-2 times a day (morning and night…. I forgot a few times though so sometimes it was just one or the other) for about the past 5 days.  And you know what??  IT IS WORKING!  😀

The very first day I tried it out, the initial thing I noticed was that it stopped my itching!  I don’t get super itchy anymore, but I would catch myself waking up in the night scratching at my legs.  Since using the Calendulis Cream, I honestly don’t think I have woken myself up by scratching at all.  Then as I continued to use it, the dry, flaky patches on my skin started to heal and look more normal.  Remember my previous post with the picture of those tiny bumps on my leg?  Thanks to the cream, they now are GONE!  What an awesome thing to find a natural remedy with NO steroids or cortisone that actually works.

Below I’ve put a BEFORE and AFTER picture of my right arm – I have a very cheap digital camera that may not do this justice, but hopefully you see that the cream really did make a difference!

If you are interested in trying this cream – guess what?  I have a special offer for you, compliments of Jennifer and The Eczema Company!   You can get 10% off using this code as one of my blog readers: ECZEXC10.  Don’t wait though, if you want to give Calendulis Cream a try – the code expires September 30, 2013.

Thank you Calendulis Cream and thank you Jennifer!!  🙂

My right arm BEFORE applying Calendulis Cream, with mini-flares.

My right arm BEFORE applying Calendulis Cream, with mini-flares (little red areas).

Right arm AFTER about 5 days of Calendulis Cream.

Right arm AFTER about 5 days of Calendulis Cream.  There are no active flares!!  Any red spots you see are just little scars.  (You may notice my skin has some patches that are sort of “bleached” and lighter than my normal skin tone – this is a product of TSW and not the Calendulis cream.  Other areas of my body, like my lower back, and behind knees, have the same lighter-colored patches.  The skin is just getting back to normal after TSW and I’m sure this will even out in time.  As long as it isn’t red and itchy… I’m happy)!

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12 thoughts on “Calendulis Cream from The Eczema Company – Great for Healing!

  1. Great news that the cream is helping and delighted to read you have been healing so well. I think i will try and source a similar cream closer to home for my little one – or maybe even order overseas from jennifer’s company!!

  2. After checking out the Eczema Company site and seeing they ship overseas and reading other rave reviews I’ll definitely be ordering this cream. Thanks eczemaexcellence!

  3. Nivea says:

    After hearing lots of products which say they are very good for eczema, i become quite skeptical. If it is really that gd, i suggest you get the product lab tested. Hope every ingredient is natural!

    • You know, Nivea, I had become a skeptic too, since in the past, I tried many, many creams “for eczema” and none of them really helped, and some even made things worse. I had my doubts about this one working as well, but I was very glad that it worked. In carefully checking the ingredients list, it does appear that every ingredient is natural. I definitely understand and respect being skeptical of what ingredients we are putting on our bodies! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. I actually started using this stuff back in November on account of your recommendation and I AM SO GLAD I DID. It has honestly made a tremendous difference in my skin and kinda mind-boggling. It’s almost like this is the stuff that those silly derms should be prescribing instead of their dirty steroids. My skin went from bumpy dry flakiness to soft and supple within a couple weeks. Amaaazing.

    • So glad to hear it was just as helpful to you as well! Yeah, I wish every derm knew about this. But, I heard somewhat recently from Jennifer’s blog that the company that makes it started to reformulate the cream and now it has some ingredients that aren’t as natural so she had to stop carrying it, if memory serves me correctly :/ I have been rationing out my tiny supply carefully because it may take some time for her to find a suitable alternative.

  5. 20112010mo says:

    i have suffered with eczema my whole life and three years ago up until 3-4 months ago it was so severe i wouldnt leave my house for weeks at a time. i am now in control of my problem and have created a website with all kinds of information on preventing a flare-up and treatments that are good/bad. you may find it useful at we can beat this one day at a time

  6. Marielle says:

    I live in switzerland and I try a cream from Québec ( pharmacie homéopathique du Québec) and this cream name is calendulis. Do you know this product and the composants? I hôpe that this cream is really natural but nothing is noticed on the cream.

    • Hi Marielle,

      I am not sure if the cream that you are using is the same as mine, but mine also says “homeopathie quebec”. When I purchased this from The Eczema Company, I asked to see a list of ingredients and it was all natural. I was assured it had been tested and did not contain steroids. It sounds like your cream might be the same as mine, but just in case I would contact the supplier of where you get it from, and request an ingredients listing.

  7. hbombschu says:

    Hi Eczema Excellence.
    We used to email back and forth a bit a few years ago. My name is Heather. I wanted to ask you some questions about the “Calendulis Cream”…send me an email if you get this message!

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