TSW, 11 Weeks – How to Undo Your Good Progress In A Day

Here is how.  Sit through an 8 hour work day at your boring job with the world’s most annoying co-worker popping up like a hedgehog every few minutes to talk at you, go to your ex-husband’s house to drop something off and stir up all THOSE negative emotions of the house and life that was taken from you, sit through a 3 HOUR class at school that involves a bunch of other students droning on about boring subjects in presentations, then endure a long drive home through torrential rain where you can barely see the road, plus thunderstorms and constant lightning, in a car with sub-par tires.  Being away from home for 15 hours doesn’t do any favors for my skin; I had the hugest scratch fest when I got home and had to take an allergy pill to try and knock myself out so I wouldn’t be itching at myself into the night.

The good news is that my skin also seems to be getting more resilient.  When I scratch, I still can do damage, but not as much.  Wounds seem to heal faster too.  I’m also thankful that my eyes haven’t felt so dry and tight in some time.  It no longer is uncomfortable to smile and laugh.  Even though my eyes still look kinda tired, I don’t have so much of the ‘triple eyelid’ anymore and they are overall looking better.  Honestly if I look okay from the neck up, I can deal with that, even if my body is a scratchy red mess.  Between that and my new short haircut, I actually feel somewhat attractive again.  Oh yes self-esteem – welcome back, it’s nice to see you after so very long!

So now I have hair like the below picture.  I feel so much better not to have hair touching my face and not looking so damn frumpy!!  Now I can’t really hide anything behind my hair, but I’m okay with that; my face and neck are more pink and blotchy than red now, and concealer does pretty well at hiding that.  Having short hair makes me feel powerful and ballsy, just what I need to get through TSW.  Instead of thinking of myself as the “Little Red Lobster”, I shall now think of myself as “Little Pink Badass”.  🙂


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9 thoughts on “TSW, 11 Weeks – How to Undo Your Good Progress In A Day

  1. Little Pink Badass — LOVE IT! Sorry you had a rough day, but I’m glad to hear your skin is becoming more resiliant. That is such a big improvement when it finally starts to happen!

  2. hannah says:

    put up a pic of new haircut!;) . also know what u mean – as u get further along its nice to know even when u scratch crazily it doesnt do as much damage!

  3. YUK to your icky day :-/ Stressful days suck in regard to skin issues!

    I agree with Hannah – I wanna see a photo of your hair! Blur the face if you have to! 😉

  4. tomatoskingirl says:

    Would love to see a pic of your new haircut too 😀

  5. Mie Ululani says:

    you are continuing to emphasize the positive i applaud you! i think when my skin started getting more resilient like that it was a turning into a new corner of final healing. hang in there!!!

  6. Andie says:

    Lovin the hair style!

    I completely understand this “Honestly if I look okay from the neck up, I can deal with that, even if my body is a scratchy red mess.”

    If I am able to leave the house without my face looking bloctchy or flacky, I am one happy woman and nothing can stop me 🙂

  7. You all are so sweet! ❤ Okay, next post will have a hairstyle photo 😀

  8. joey says:

    I love how with eczema and TSW, we get so exited over over little victories. I remember I would get so exited when my face had a large amount of red, split oozing crusts as opposed to being totally covered in red, split oozing crusts.

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