Candida Diet, Day 10: Is This Right For Me?

As of today, I am on the 10th day of the Candida Diet.  I started the Probiotics last week, and 7 days later (last night) I started taking 2 antifungals (oil of oregano and caprylic acid).  Heavy doubt is starting to be cast into my mind if this Candida diet was the right thing to do.   Clearly, if it in fact IS Candida, I didn’t develop it overnight, and it’s not going to clear overnight – I understand this.  I also know that I need to give the antifungals a chance since I just started taking them.  So, I know it’s only been 10 days, but here are some reasons:

  • My skin has not gotten any better, and in fact has gotten markedly worse.  For example, before I started the diet, I was able to wear short sleeves with little problem – my arms were quite free from eczema.  Now I have huge rashes in the crease of each elbow, rashes on my wrists, and tiny rashes scattered on my forearms and tricep area.  There is a rash stretching around my neck like two angry red hands grabbed me in a violent strangling attempt (maybe I’ll post pictures later).  I look like a domestic violence victim, which is probably why people at work were giving my neck weird looks.  The rashes on my legs are as persistent as ever, and the rash on my stomach and hipbone area (the one that I posted a picture of here) seems permanently here to stay.  I don’t know if this is just horrible die-off reaction and I was riddled with Candida and this is a good sign, or what.  I refuse to use steroids because there is also the thought in my mind that this is a ‘rebound’ reaction to having previously used steroids, or even a mild case of topical steroid withdrawal.
  • I am losing weight, and I don’t NEED to lose weight.  I feel completely awkward and weird saying this, since many people struggle with their weight, but at 5’9″ and being down to 130, my husband is starting to complain that I look “too thin” and “not healthy”.  I have an athletic build and normally hover more around 135 to 140.   The average model is 5’10” and 115 pounds, which is unbelievably thin, and inconceivable that someone like me would still be “too heavy” to walk the runway, rashes or not (Shaking my head at American media and their unrealistic ideas of beauty).
  • Speaking of my husband, this diet is putting a strain on our marriage (a separate post on this to come later).  My husband has expressed dozens of times that “this diet is stupid”, complains that my restrictive eating habits are affecting him as well (since I can’t eat anything from restaurants), and oh yes, constantly tells me that “I need to eat something”.  He also thinks that I’m not consuming enough fat which is drying out my skin.  Although I HAVE been eating foods with good fats like olive oil, plain grilled salmon, and pumpkin seeds, there could be something to this statement, I’m not sure.   His statements frankly hurt my feelings and provoked me to willingly cheat on the diet last night – the first time I’ve broken it – trying to find the highest-fat, vegan food I could locate in our cupboard, which happened to be a jar of natural peanut butter.  Three huge spoonfuls never tasted so good, but now I’m back on track.  I was worried I might react to it, but I didn’t seem to wake up any worse.
  • I am starting to crave foods that I never even craved before.  This diet allows no sugar (except stevia as a natural sweetener).  I’ve had a mad hankering for cupcakes the past few days, and I don’t even normally LIKE cake.  I feel like when I go off this diet, I’ll turn into a binge-eating monster, which also is not healthy.  I’m hungry a lot of the time, and even though I am trying to pack in as many calories as I can, they are all coming from gluten-free grains, vegetables, and proteins like seeds, chicken, and salmon – I may well not be getting enough.

I DID have the miscellaneous thought that maybe I am allergic/sensitive to eggs, as I have been eating them almost every day on this diet.  However, I did a ‘trial run’ weeks earlier where I abstained from eggs for a while, then ate about 6 in a 24 hour span, and saw no ill effects.

Basically, I feel very trapped.  I’ve been praying for a sign that I’m doing the right thing, and I haven’t seen one yet, LOL.  I’m scared that if I go off the diet and start to eat the “forbidden” foods again, my skin could go absolutely haywire.

But, because it’s important to see the positives in things, here are the good things about the Candida diet.

  • I’ve developed an appreciation for gluten-free grains like quinoa, millet, amaranth, and buckwheat.
  • I’ve developed an insane sense of self-control when it comes to food.

If anyone out there has further experience with the candida diet, please weigh in!  Am I likely to get better if I keep sticking it out??

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6 thoughts on “Candida Diet, Day 10: Is This Right For Me?

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hang in there – it sounds me you’re experiencing die off, but I’m no expert. The sugar cravings are on of the primary signs of candida over growth, so it makes sense to me that you’d crave like crazy, for a period of time. I’m sorry to hear this is so hard for you and your hsuband, but I can understand. Could you maybe give him an idea of how long you’ll keep up the diets? That way he’ll see this won’t go on forever. Maybe a deadline will help?

    • Thanks Jennifer! You did the diet too, right? Did you have a lot of cravings and die-off symptoms? Yes, I gave him a deadline that I was going to try it for 3 weeks total and then reassess, and tried to emphasize that I was doing this for a shorter period of time so that hopefully I can feel and look better for a long period of time!

      • Jennifer says:

        I have not actually done the candida diet, but I did an extreme food elimination diet where I had big time withdrawl symptoms and cravings. Hugs to you – you and your husband will get through this next 3 weeks.

  2. Heather says:

    Hey, I happened to stumble across your blog… because once again MY excema has gotten way out of control. Sister, you could be telling my story! Okay and normally I am pretty bad for not commenting (like my ratio of seeing something on Facebook to actually “liking” or commenting is probably like 100:1) but my reason for commenting on YOUR blog, is that after reading some of your posts I was getting discouraged. I have done similar things as you and i too have felt like just when i think i have the answer, it gets bad again…eating vegan, seeing a naturopath and doing elimination diets and supplements, apple cider vinegar, i could go on and on. I feel for you, lady! Anyways, i left and did some more google searches and suddenly came across this website; yeah. so you should probably check it out, because your story (and mine) seem pretty consistent with what it is talking about, which is “topical steroid addiction” of all things. I had never suspected that this was even a “thing”… But it sounds pretty convincing! Which sucks because I think I am going to try it…go off steroid cream for good. Which means I have a pretty hard road ahead for a while. But seriously all those people have made like a full recovery. Check it out for yourself…let me know your thoughts…

    • Hi Heather! Thanks for visiting my blog! I HAVE visited the ITSAN site and other related blogs of people going through topical steroid addiction. I should probably do a whole separate post about this, because I have also had that theory for a little bit now – that maybe i’m just addicted to steroids. My case doesn’t seem exactly similar to the people on ITSAN, i.e., I never used steroid creams long-term, just sparingly every now and then (some of those people had been using them for their whole lifetime before their body gave up and rebelled!!), but I also know that it doesn’t take long for the addiction to develop. Also, although my eczema/dermatitis always comes back after I stop steroids, I don’t get any of the crazy symptoms like burning, oozing, etc., but it is very possible that I have a ‘mild’ case of steroid addiction. On the day that I started the Candida diet, I also vowed to stop all steroids to see what happens, since I had used them just a little bit about a week prior and although I got better briefly, everything came back just as bad as before. I’d love to hear more of your own story with your history of eczema and what you’ve tried, etc. Feel free to email me if you want to talk more:

  3. Candida Diet says:

    Cheers Jennifer! You does the diet as well, correct? Do there is a large amount of urges in addition to die-off indicators? Without a doubt, I gave your pet some sort of deadline that i was going to test it regarding 3 2 or 3 weeks full and then reflect on, in addition to tried to help highlight that i has been achieving this for any quicker timeframe to ensure hopefully I will look far better for a long time of their time!

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