Need Opinions on Patch Testing

Good Morning Blog World!  So it’s Day 5 of the Candida Diet and I am feeling good.  I can’t express how glad I am that I did a “trial run” with the 10 days of Elimination Diet as this ‘practice’ on a restricted diet really helped curb my ‘bad food’ cravings and give me a positive outlook.  It’s not like it’s a piece of cake to do, but I’m encouraged in sticking to it as I don’t want to undo any progress that I’ve made so far.

Since it’s only Day 5, I can’t say for certain that I see a marked improvement in my skin yet.  I’m going through what I believe is a candida die-off reaction and everywhere that I’ve ever had eczema/used steroid creams has been red and dry.  I’ve been referring to myself mentally as the “Little Red Lobster”!  My face/neck are the most red (thank goodness for concealer!  it is amazing) but my skin seems like it’s getting softer, it doesn’t itch much, and I actually sleep better at night because I don’t feel so itchy.  Maybe this is also because I stopped using my face oil and face moisturizer with Vitamin E and am using just a really basic sensitive skin moisturizer with no vitamin E (Vanicream).

In a few weeks, I am supposed to have an appointment with another dermatologist for patch testing regarding topical substances (as in, this isn’t a food allergy test).  I was referred to have this done back in November when I went through finding out I was terribly allergic to topical aloe.

While I absolutely DO eventually want to have this patch testing done (there are things I *suspect* I’m sensitive to, but would like confirmation, like shea butter), I have a couple qualms about doing it around this specific time.  I don’t want to get any ‘false readings’ because my skin has been, and currently is, very sensitive.  There are many days where I feel like almost ANYTHING I put on it is bothersome, but of course I can’t go around with bare, dry skin, especially during winter as it would get so parched and flaky.  Contrast that to a few years ago when I could use a huge variety of products on it with no reaction and good results.  I also don’t really want to do it at the same time that I’m still in the beginning stages of this Candida diet, because that’s two big separate things that could affect my skin and I want to be able to monitor them each effectively.

So I’d like opinions on if I should wait to do the patch test.  I’d also like to hear your experiences with patch testing.  I’ve read a great post from The Allergista about it, but I would love to hear more experiences too!

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5 thoughts on “Need Opinions on Patch Testing

  1. Jennifer says:

    I think patch testing is important and can provide some good results. It’s always good to be able to confirm an allergy when possible. I will tell you that my son had some major reactions to things like coconut oil and shea butter, but now that his skin is almost healed up, applying them topically doesn’t seem to bother him anymore. I expect you may notice the same after 6 months or so of calm, healed skin.

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Jennifer! Besides shea butter, I also feel like I react to coconut oil too, so that’s interesting. I am also hopeful that my skin will be less sensitive to everything after being healed for a while. Was your son patch tested for coconut oil and shea butter, or did you just notice these things as a reaction after you applied them? Also, now that your son is mostly healed, are there other topical things you find you still need to avoid? (barring the obvious ones like fragrance, etc.)

    • Jennifer says:

      We noticed he was sensitive to those items when I applied them to his skin – they were single ingredient products, so it was easy. Didn’t need a patch test. His skin is way less sensitive overall now. And he seems to be able to eat most the foods he was allergic to every now and then and in small doses. He had a tiny nibble of cheese and corn tortilla chip the other day – and he was fine! That was HUGE!

  3. Hang in there, girl! I think I’m totally down for trying this if it works for you. I’ve never heard of it before you mentioned it! I’ve gotta read more…

  4. Courtney says:

    I’ve never tried patch testing, sounds interesting though! Like you said, there are times when I could run cool water over my arm and hives would appear, it just depends on so many factors haha!! Glad the candida diet seems to be going well so far though!

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