Candida Diet, Day 3

This is just a super quick post for now noting that I started the Candida diet over the weekend!

Phase 1 is listed as being 7 days where you eat only specific vegetables, a detox drink 2x daily, liver flush drink 1x daily, and vegetable broth.  I knew up front that I wasn’t going to do all 7 days because that’s a LONG TIME to subsist on only vegetables.  Plus I’m an active person with a relatively high metabolism and there is no way I could get all my caloric needs from vegetables for an entire week, and I ate quite clean before this already.  I was going to go as long as possible with the vegetables, (2-3 days in my estimation) and see how I felt.  The website also says that it’s okay if you only do a few days of the Detox (Stage 1) if your lifestyle doesn’t permit you to do all 7 days, it’s just that doing all 7 days may help you rid the Candida sooner.

It was TOUGH eating only vegetables for 2 days, but it honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought.   [You know you’re eating a bland diet when you view raw sauerkraut as a treat!  It actually was very good!]   I tried to eat throughout the day and I never really got crazy hunger cravings.  My cravings on Day 2 were not as bad as they were on Day 2 of the Elimination Diet, but maybe I just got used to self-deprivation!

But, by the end of Day 2 on only vegetables, I was ready for some actual food.  I was going to try and hold out one more day and make it an even 3 days.  Today I woke up and I definitely was experiencing some ‘candida die-off’ if not just sheer food deprivation symptoms.  I was weak, shaky, and felt REALLY hot – like I was burning up with a fever.  This didn’t alarm me; in fact I was glad because I felt like this cleanse was actually DOING something.  But, the thought of chewing through another plate of Brussels Sprouts and zucchini for breakfast (seriously, that’s what I had for breakfast the past 2 days) made me repulsed.  Even though I had made Kale Chips and they somewhat satisfied my need for variety, the thought of eating another whole day of vegetables was not enthralling, to say the least.  So I had eggs and noodles made only with brown rice for breakfast – much more satisfying!

So now I’m on Phase 2 and eating vegetables, certain grains (brown rice, quinoa, millet, etc.), a few kinds of protein (eggs, seeds, chicken, turkey).  Last night my husband looked at me drinking my disgusting liver flush drink (olive oil, ginger, water – I didn’t realize ginger when raw has these little hairy fibers in it, so it was like drinking someone’s mustache, ew), shook his head sadly, and said “God bless ya for trying, honey.”  He doesn’t think this is going to work, and he has repeatedly told me that I mustn’t let eczema get my confidence down and I should just accept what I have, that “I just have to live with it”.  This is not the message I need to hear – I REFUSE to live with constant unpredictable eczema and a whole host of other symptoms that don’t make me feel like the ‘old me’ from a few years ago when I wasn’t dealing with any of this.  I will go down fighting no matter what.  I have devoted so much time and money to this and I will continue my fight if it takes me YEARS to find the answer!  Other people have figured out their triggers and I have COMPLETE FAITH that I can too.

And I do have something else to try, thanks to my friend Courtney over at her blog.  Her mention of having an allergy to Vitamin E made me realize that a lot of my personal care products have Vitamin E in them.  I’ve been using grapeseed oil (with vitamin E) on my face twice daily and although it worked great at first, now I constantly have red, rashy skin on my face and have to use huge amounts of Tarte Maracuja Oil concealer (which umm also has vitamin E) to look reasonably human.  I thought I might have an allergy/sensitivity to this when I started rashing out after using a Vitamin E cream, so I stopped using it but didn’t think to check for it in other products.  The good news is that about half of my current products DON’T have vitamin E (shampoo, bar soap, mascara, chapstick, my facial cleanser), but for the other half, I am going to eliminate ALL topical products with Vitamin E and see what happens.

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3 thoughts on “Candida Diet, Day 3

  1. Jennifer says:

    Yay! Go you you! You are your own health advocate and you will figure it out. So excited for you! Stay strong – you can do this cleanse and diet and it will only make you stronger. Note on the vitamin E – many times vitamin e supplements are sourced from soy, so that’s probably why many people react to it. If soy is an issue for you, it’s likely vitamin E supplements may be as well rather than vitamin e itself. But a reaction is possible to anything really.

    • Amanda says:

      Soy or wheat, two major allergens! (I only know because a lot of products end up not being gluten free due to the Vitamin E being derived from wheat.)

      And I’m so proud of you for sticking with this! I don’t know if I’d be able to do it. It must be especially hard with how active you are. I hope it ends up resolving your eczema or at least making it more manageable.

  2. Thanks Ladies! I appreciate the tips on the vitamin E. I don’t know for sure if I am sensitive to soy, but I did check my supplements the first time around when I tried the Elimination Diet and I eliminated any of them that contained vitamins sourced from soy. I hate how soy is such a tricky thing and in EVERYTHING! I can really feel for anyone that is allergic as you really have to read every single label!

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