Seven Days Makes One…Weak

It is just past 12 midnight ending the seventh day of my Elimination Diet.  I am going to try my damndest to keep at it for another week before adding in new foods, and here is why.

The many and various things I read about such a diet said that you can start adding foods back in when you have a noticeable difference – or after 1-3 weeks.

The eczema on my legs is definitely better.  I don’t seem to be clawing at them in my sleep or creating new open wounds.  I may yet get to the goal of wearing shorts confidently by the time warm weather comes around again (or before).  However, today I got pretty itchy and was still itching AT them, although not really doing any damage (yet).

My face got very itchy on the evening of the 4th day, and subsided more on the 5th day.  On the 6th day, I woke up with eyes (and surrounding skin) that was somewhat itchy and red.  Today on the 7th day, my face is still sort of red/dry/itchy in parts – nothing too crazy but worse than a few days ago.

This leads me to believe the cause is one of the following:

  1. I have eaten something somehow “bad” for me on this diet.  (Note: I did have to add beans back in on the 4th day, even though originally I said I was going to avoid them too.  I was going to get all my protein from just meat and seeds, but then me and my frozen turkey burgers had a showdown.  I took them out of the freezer.  They stared menacingly at me.  I gingerly opened the box and peered at them.  Yep, frozen slabs of dead animal, just as I thought.  Turkey burgers won the showdown – they got to live another day in the freezer and I opened a can of beans instead.  Chicken, I have managed to make *some* peace with, but after barely eating meat in so long, it’s hard to get back into).  If I DID eat something bad, I have two theories about what maybe it could be.  More on that later.
  2. I am detoxifying as my system rids itself of “bad” substances.  Many of the things I read said that symptoms may often recur before they get better.
  3. I’m getting “stress eczema” and itching from constantly thinking about all the delicious foods I want but cannot have!

It’s interesting, some of what I read said that the foods we crave are often the very foods we are intolerant or sensitive to.  It will be intriguing if that theory actually pans out – – – The biggest cravings that I have consistently are for anything gluten (toast, sandwiches, etc), pizza, potato chips, and coffee/tea.  I don’t actively crave any dairy except pizza, but I had sort of trained my brain not to be hardwired into liking dairy anyway.  I have not craved eggs, nuts, or fish at all.  I have also not craved soy, although that’s a tough thing to judge since I am not in the habit of eating straight soy stuff like soy milk or tofu.  I have craved corn a little bit in the form of corn chips, but that (plus the potato chip craving) may just be because I have a ‘salt tooth’ instead of a sweet tooth and really want to eat a bit of junk food of that nature.

I also had given up carrot, celery, apple, chocolate, other nightshade vegs (tomato and eggplant namely), and banana.  I really do not crave any of these, although I had a fleeting impulse to “cheat” this evening and go unearth some KitKats from the basement.  Then my husband went out to a movie and I had another fleeting thought to order a big pizza and eat the whole thing in bed with my heated blanket on.  Ahh, indulgence!  He’ll never know… until he finds a cold, curled pepperoni under my pillow and grease on the sheets; and then my cover is blown.  (If you’re wondering, I was a good girl and did not order that pizza).

I think now I crave foods just for the sake of craving them and thinking about the novelty of them.  I thought I ate pretty good before, but this diet really has me rethinking about some of the crap we put into our bodies.  It’s definitely a cleaner way to eat; and I’ll post some recipes and pictures of my foods from this past week in the next blog post!

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5 thoughts on “Seven Days Makes One…Weak

  1. Courtney says:

    Glad you are still sticking to the diet!! I have found the same thing with cutting out foods, my skin will get really good for a few days, then crash, then start getting better again. Such a mean tease! Hang in there!

    • Thank you! I still refuse to believe that eczema is something we “just have to live with” – I still hold to the optimism that it can be completely managed and lie dormant and rash-free with good diet, skincare, and environment choices…so hopefully our diet choices pay off!!

  2. […] and put this over the pasta.  Now this is the dish that I was referring to when I mentioned in my last post that I had two suspicions as to what might have made me […]

  3. Amanda says:

    Since going gluten-free, I crave the most unhealthy foods that I never even ate before! …microwave (gluten-free) mac and cheese, (gluten-free) white bread, (gluten-free) grilled cheese sandwiches…. I think I’m just craving these things because I FEEL like my diet is so limited (even though it’s not, really) and I want to rebel 🙂

    Good for you though, for sticking with it. How much longer do you think you’ll keep it up before reintroducing new foods?

  4. Ah, interesting! So we are experiencing a similar thing and I also feel like my cravings are due to wanting to rebel from a limited diet. But, it is nice that there are so many palatable and tasty gluten free versions of those foods, so that you definitely have the option to give into temptation now and then!

    Well, I would LIKE to go another full week before introducing anything new, just to see if my eczema improves. I keep wanting to “cheat” and reintroduce corn early, as then I could at least have corn chips and candy with corn syrup (and again…as you referenced…. I crave these and I never even ate them a lot before!!! Real healthy, I know, but at this point I feel like just a little bit of junk food would help me stay focused on staying off the rest of the foods). If I notice any drastic change in the next couple days, I will probably re-introduce a food early.

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