Clear Skin! Four days and counting!


(insert “Hallelujiah Chorus” here)….

This is really what I feel like!  After feeling trapped behind my (rashy, problematic) face for so long, I feel like I’ve been freed.   THANK YOU GOD!  I’m going on four days of beautifully clear skin and counting.  I achieved my goal of leaving the house without ANY concealer and received the compliment that my skin was simply glowing!  😀

It’s such a drastic turn around from just a few days ago.  I feel renewed and like I’m thankful for everything in the world.  How did I get to this great point?

Well one, drugs.  The steroid ointment Mometasone Furoate was a great, great thing.   I am actually SO glad I went to the conventional dermatologist and used this drug.   It removed my aloe-induced rashes almost overnight.  I slowly weaned myself off of it in the past few days since it’s not good to use this on your face for any longer than necessary.

Two, eradicating ANY sources of aloe or beeswax from my food or facial care.  I’m absolutely convinced that using the aloe over time (in lotions, etc., and my hyaluronic acid) had me build up a sensitivity, causing allergic contact dermatitis, and I plan to avoid it at ALL costs!  I also haven’t been eating any garlic (that I know of) since this is related to the aloe plant.

Three, I have pared down my facial skincare routine to quite a basic one.  There are only a few things I use, and for the time being, I plan to keep it that way.  My next post will be about my skincare routine that is working beautifully for me 🙂  Basically I feel the simpler I keep it, the less likely I am to come in contact with an ingredient that has the potential of irritating me.  Then if I can use the simple routine for a while with no irritation, I can gradually introduce a new product one at a time if there is something else I want to try.

When my skin is clear, it’s easy to resist the temptation to itch.  I DO still have scars and scratches on my legs, so I’m far from perfect, but I don’t go through a wild itching spree multiple times a day.  I am feeling great and hopeful that I can keep my face looking this healthy!

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3 thoughts on “Clear Skin! Four days and counting!

  1. Amanda says:

    I’m so happy for you! That’s great news. It’s amazing how having clear skin can boost our confidence so much! And I agree, the simpler the better. When I was younger and my face had eczema on it, it was best for me to literally do NOTHING. No hydrating creams, moisturizers, nothing.

    Mometasone furoate used to work wonders on me, but I think I eventually built a tolerance to it. Good idea to not keep using it!

    • Thanks Amanda!! It’s so true that sometimes using nothing can help. That’s what I ended up doing for about three days at night… putting NOTHING on my face. I felt really dry and tight which was annoying, but I think it helped my skin sort of ‘recalibrate’ and shed all the bad stuff. I

  2. […] mentioned in my previous post, I’m very grateful to have figured out some skin sensitivities (aloe and beeswax) and have […]

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