What NEVER to say to the Eczema Sufferer

Hello, why yes, I am an eczema sufferer.  How could you tell?  Was it the “allergic shiners” and the Dennie-Morgan lines under my eyes?  Was it the fact that my skin constantly looks FUBAR and never seems to get better?   Was it the fact that I’ve stopped wearing almost all forms of makeup, save for lots and lots of concealer?  Was it the fact that I often seem to avoid contact with people so that I don’t have to have them looking at my face?

Well yes, yes I do have eczema.  But please, for the love of God, no matter how kind you are, please do not give my skin a concerned look and ask me if I am okay.  I AM FINE!  I FEEL GREAT!  ON THE INSIDE, I’M THE PICTURE OF HEALTH!  IT’S JUST THAT MY SKIN IS BETRAYING ME!

A very kind and well meaning woman at work had been coming up to me frequently and saying things like, “Are you feeling okay?  Your eyes look TIRED!”  After the second time she said this, I politely said, “I am fine, I’ve been dealing with some allergies”.  Days later, she comes up again and says, “Are you still dealing with allergies?”  I know where she’s going with this and I start getting kind of internally pissed off, so I give her a blank stare and say, “WHY?”  She gets a little taken aback and says, “Well, ever since I’ve seen you, your eyes just look so sad”.

DAMN.  Thanks, lady.  I don’t need any reminding that I no longer feel pretty because of my eczema.  I get that reminder every time I look in a mirror, thank you.


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2 thoughts on “What NEVER to say to the Eczema Sufferer

  1. Celiac and Allergy Adventures says:

    I hear ya! People can be so rude. For the longest time, I used to dread going to the dentist because every time I was there, they’d ask “what’s on your face?” Um…. thanks. What’s on YOUR face?

    Also, I’m less likely to wear makeup the worse my allergic shiners are because my eyes are so itchy! So I ALWAYS get comments about how tired I look and how sickly or awful I look. I used to work at a day spa and I once got yelled at for always coming in looking like “night of the living dead” …. awesome.

    Long story short, I totally understand where you’re coming from. People can be awful.

  2. Oh goodness, that’s horrible. You’d think people would be more sensitive! Thanks for sharing your stories and letting me know I’m not alone!

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