Holistic Doc and the Thyroid

So in the last slew of posts I wrote, I had a series of 5 posts detailing my holistic journey so far.  Here is the latest update.  After going through a cycle of flares for a few weeks (I would get a flare with a really bad puffy left eye, then my skin would get real dry and flaky, then the flakes would start to come off and I would have okay skin), I had another appointment with her this past week.

Via email, we had discussed a few things.  One, that she felt the predominantly left-sided rashes may be indicative of a latent infection left over from when I had mono and my tonsils got infected.   This definitely makes sense to me.  I have rashes over a lot of lymph node areas, like my neck, my eye, my armpit, and a rash on my neck that is very defined, in the center, and just above the thyroid.


More evidence for an infection on the left side – I had a wicked left armpit rash for a while, and the right armpit was almost clear as could be.

We discussed the possibility of a staph infection.  I want to believe that this thing is just a bacteria or a fungus and some drugs will clear it up quick.  Because this is the thing – I KNOW the difference between eczema and not eczema, having had eczema since young childhood.  The flares on my face do NOT itch, do not scab, do not weep, etc.  But she said that testing for staph would likely be inconclusive, since at any given time your skin can have a lot of bacteria on it.

She put me on a supplement called Thymex which is made from bovine thymus Cytosol extract, plus a fish oil (fermented cod liver oil capsules, to be exact).  The Thymex is supposed to boost my thyroid and help my system fight off this latent infection, and the fish oil is to give me more good fats (I was taking fish oil anyway before the doctor as I know it’s a great anti inflammatory, but this one is probably higher quality).  She said that I might notice some worsening of symptoms with the Thymex, but she doesn’t know how my body will react because everyone is different.  She also said that people often experience a detox effect where they are, say,  blowing gross stuff out of their nose, as the body is expelling the toxins.  (I half expected to be pooping tapeworms or something after she told me that)!

I’ve only been taking this stuff for about a day and a half, but here are my thoughts so far.  One, I had a great wonderful feeling of overall well-being the afternoon after I first took the Thymex.  It could have been a placebo effect, but it really gave me optimism that this may help me.  Two, I haven’t noticed any worsening of symptoms, and in fact, my eczema seems to be less flared and some better.  It goes through cycles though, so I’ve been through that before.  Three, however, I HAVE noticed that eczema on my body seems to be clearing up at a quicker rate, like any wounds I have heal faster.  I had really bad eczema behind my knees mid-week, and it is almost gone!  I also, for MONTHS, have had a really stubborn round patch of itchy, dry skin on my right knee, and all of a sudden today I woke up and it feels soft and looks almost normal – and I didn’t put anything special on it!

Let me tell you that in the past 2 months alone, between the naturopathic doctor and this holistic doctor plus the supplements, I’ve spent over $700 on my eczema.  And I am not a rich person by any means, I’m definitely lower middle class.  I am embarrassed to admit those costs, as it’s a sobering thought to consider ‘What if this doesn’t work’??  But you know what, after suffering with this mystery dermatitis for over a year, trying so many different topical things, diet things, behavior modifications, I was fed up and desperate.  I can’t go down without a fight!  And I’m still convinced it’s something internal that is out of whack, so I really have high hopes for this thyroid supplement!


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5 thoughts on “Holistic Doc and the Thyroid

  1. Celiac and Allergy Adventures says:

    Have you ever been to a homeopathic doctor? I haven’t in a very long time, but as a kid I went, and one of the homeopathic “drugs” they gave me really helped my eczema for a long time, when nothing else (strong steroid creams, long courses or oral steroids, UV therapy) helped.

    • Do you remember what the drug was? I have some posts in September (“Riding the Eczema Roller Coaster”) that talk about when I went to a naturopathic doctor (I was always unclear how a naturopath differed from a homeopath…maybe you have more info..) and she gave me a herbal remedy (Psorinum), but I flared up badly after taking it. Perhaps I should have stuck it out though, it could have been the body detoxing effect.

      • Celiac and Allergy Adventures says:

        I think naturopaths treat patients using a variety of types of natural medicine, including but not limited to homeopathy, where as a homeopath strictly uses homeopathic remedies.http://www.homeremedycentral.com/en/homeopathic-remedies/homeopathy/sulfur.html That’s what I was taking (I was maybe 10 at the time), and I don’t know if I just coincidentally got better, or if it was truly the medication. I was too young for the “placebo effect” to have caused my improvement. It certainly didn’t make my eczema go away, but it significantly helped at the time. I don’t remember it making me worse at all, but it was a traumatic time in my life so I don’t remember much, haha.

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