Best Concealer for Eczema

I need to sing the praises of what, in my opinion at least, has been a godsend for covering up my eczema/dermatitis/whatever the heck it is that is flaring up on my face and neck.   TARTE MARACUJA CREASELESS CONCEALER.  Worth every penny, and contains no fragrance, parabens, phlates, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, other bad stuff etc.

I have tried a couple other concealers from Almay, Physicians Formula, and Origins in the past, and they either irritated my skin, didn’t cover well, creased, dried out my skin, or looked orangey and fake (which becomes very blatant that you’re trying to cover something up if you’re using this over a large portion of your face, as I often am!)

This concealer, among a few other ingredients, has vitamin E, maracuja oil, and wax, so it is pretty emollient and won’t leave your skin looking dry as the day goes on!  You will want to exfoliate or put on a moisturizer of course, because otherwise it will make flaky dry skin more apparent, but that’s what happens with any concealer.  It’s about the size of a lip gloss tube, so it can fit right into your pocket.  And believe me, I carry it in my pocket daily at work (along with a tiny mirror and tiny tub of Aquaphor) just in case my face needs a touch up during the day.

I find that it works excellently at covering up redness and you can layer it to create more coverage.  You don’t need very much at all, just a few dots!  Just squeeze it out and stipple it onto the area with your fingertips, blending it in so it matches with the rest of your skin.

Here is a picture of my troublesome left eye area in full-on flare before applying any concealer.  (The eye is also puffy and has some noticeable Dennie Morgan lines underneath – another sign of dermatitis/allergies).   Yeah, I blacked out my eyeball to try and stay anonymous, so apologies if the big black eyeball seems creepy.

And HERE is a picture of the same eye, after applying the concealer.  MUCH BETTER!

Now someone might say, “Well, you are applying this makeup under your eye, how can you be sure it isn’t the thing CAUSING your flare?”  Let me tell you that I use the exact same concealer under my RIGHT eye as well.  I don’t flare under the right eye oddly enough, and that eye has way less prominent Dennie Morgan folds, but I do kind of have dark circles under both eyes, and I use the concealer for that.  It has NOT shown me in any way that it’s irritating my skin or causing my flares.

The one caution I would have with this concealer is, don’t use it over pimples.  Because it’s so emollient (I mean, it’s got wax in it), it will not help breakouts, so it’s really not for people with acne.  I still get some acne even though I also have dry skin, and it definitely clogged my pore when I used it on acne.  BUT!  Overall this stuff is a winner!

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2 thoughts on “Best Concealer for Eczema

  1. Salihah M says:

    I have eczemia on my above and on my chest arms, and neck. Could I use this to cover it up?

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