Part V – Deception

As soon as I woke up and saw my face looking all crazy, I was tempted by the thought to just not go to work.  I don’t let eczema defeat me, but today was looking like a really great day to stay home.  It was going to be kind of a weird workday where we were going to a special event, and I wasn’t going to get anything done work-wise.  And I was in a rebellious mood where I didn’t feel like letting authority dictate that I must go to work, and there were some things I needed to get done at home anyway.  Plus, staying home would be a stress reliever, and reducing stress is GOOD for eczema!  🙂

Now, although my husband is very understanding about eczema, he would not advocate me staying home just because of it.  So I had to pretend like I was going to work.  Did my hair, got ready, put on work clothes, some jewelry, the whole bit.  But I did NOT put any concealer on yet.  He leaves before I do, so after I saw him out the door, I put away the work clothes and got into comfy clothing, and here I am, after having emailed my boss that I was taking a sick day.  I don’t like the idea of deceiving my husband or other people, but I felt today was a necessary evil.

I also decided that my eczema certainly must be at the point of being “intolerable” if it makes me stay home from work, so I put on a very light layer of Desonide (steroid cream) on the very worst areas.  After a couple hours, this seemed to make the skin softer and less flaky, but it’s just as red.  I forget if I said this before, but I guess calling it eczema might be a little misleading … it’s different from the eczema on my limbs in that it does not usually itch.  Dermatitis might be a better term.  That’s why I don’t like the idea of using steroids, since it’s not typical eczema, but it responds okay to them and I need to carry on with my life and not miss any more work!  They are a temporary fix, but hopefully the detox effects continue on their way and my skin starts to clear up on its own!

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