Part IV – Skin Identity Crisis!

This brings us to today.  When I awoke, the first thing I did was feel my face and my left eye. “Hm!  The left eye does not feel as puffy!  The face feels about as dry.  Let us go look in the mirror.”

My left eye was noticeably less puffy than it had been the two days before, which was encouraging.  However, my face was very red and very dry.  The flare was spreading onto my left cheek and encompassed most of my face’s left side.  GREAT.

Last night, I had also noticed some pimples, a big deep one forming on my chin, and a couple little ones along my jawline, and some on my forehead.  I’m not very prone to acne, maybe a clogged pore here and there, so this was interesting that I would have dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, red skin all in the same face.  It seems like my skin is changing in some way, and I’m hoping it’s ultimately for the better.

HOWEVER.  The redness was simply unsightly.  Red skin I can deal with, dry skin I can deal with, but when your skin is both RED and DRY, there is absolutely no hope of putting concealer on and having it look normal.  And I would have to be putting concealer over about half of my face!

I should also mention here that I bought some Apple Cider Vinegar over the weekend.  I had been reading about people taking it orally and applying it topically to skin conditions with successful results.  Both yesterday and this morning, I mixed 1 tsp with about 8 oz of water, and drank it down.  BLEGGHH!  I’m not a weak-stomached person, and I like sour things, but this sh*t just about made me want to puke.  But, it didn’t make anything worse and maybe it helped make things better since I woke up with some improvement (less puffy eye).

Applying it topically is a whole ‘nother story.  I dabbed a little bit on yesterday, and although it stings very bad, it seemed to make the skin a little softer.  This morning, I tried dabbing it on after very gently scrubbing my face with tepid water and washcloth (to try and remove the dry flaky bits).  If you want to experience a special kind of pain, put vinegar on your face after you scrub it.

So here I am, stuck with a red face looking very unsightly.  What to do?   I decided…..

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