Holistic Doc, Part III – The Supposed Detox

A few days after taking the supplements, I started to feel a little bit itchy in the face, like my normal problem areas flaring up a little.  The next day I woke up a little bit flared, but went on with my day.

Saturday, BAM!  I woke up with my left eye SUPER puffy and my face in a full-out flare.  It took a great deal of icing my eye to get it back down to reasonably normal.  I quickly emailed the doctor to inquire if this was normal or if I should change anything with the supplement regimen.  I did add that interestingly enough, some of the eczema spots on my body were clearing up nicely.

Sunday, about the same thing.  My left eye looked like it belonged to an elephant that lost in a bar fight, and my face was pretty red and dry.  Therefore, my self-esteem was pretty much in the toilet, even though putting ice on my eye again helped a lot, and thankfully I didn’t have anywhere I had to go or anyone I had to see.  Checking my email, the doc said that this can happen as the body detoxifies, and that the spots on my body clearing were an indication we were moving in the right direction.  She said to try and not use steroid creams unless it becomes intolerable, and to continue taking my supplements.

Because everything is worse on the left side and only my left eye became puffy, she asked if I ever had any sort of infection like a dental abscess or sinus infection on the left side.  The answer is no, but I did feel kind of a lightbulb go off in my brain regarding a possible explanation for eczema on mainly just the left side of my face.

When I got mono, my tonsils got very scarred and pitted.  The left side has a large pit that tends to collect those gross little tonsil stones, although I do try and keep it very clean and swab it out.  My theory was that I likely have more bacteria on the left side of my mouth and this transfers to more eczema on my face’s left side.  Who knows.

So, wondering how long this detox thing is supposed to last, I went to bed hopeful.

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