Naturopath Part II – Remedies

I found out what was in this horrible remedy that seems to coincide with my flare lately.

It COULD not be the remedy’s fault at all.  It could be going to work, the change of seasons, etc etc.

But the remedy was Psorinum.  The naturopath said it was like the ‘mother remedy’ which is why she was trying it first.

After I took some pics of my flare  and emailed them to her, she wanted to try another remedy to see if that will calm the flare down.  I guess it’s going to arrive at my home in a few days.

This remedy apparently contains Rhus Tox.  In the homeopathic philosophy of ‘like cures like’, it’s from poison ivy.

The naturopath also said she would give another remedy (Mezerium) if this new remedy didn’t work.

I’m kind of skeptical now, because if the NEW remedy makes it even worse, I don’t know what I’ll do.  😦

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2 thoughts on “Naturopath Part II – Remedies

  1. Irina says:

    Hello! I am sorry for this eczema that is so troublesome. I too have eczema, but some other kind that is dyshidrotic eczema on my hands. I understand how you feel and I’m with you. I ran into your blog by accident as my homeopath recently prescribed psorinum for my eczema and I see that it didn’t help you. I just want to know if you gave up the homeopathic treatment and also why don’t you go to another homeopath to try to treat the condition. I am telling you this because I myself have tried the candida diet and the gluten free diet and see no results on my skin. I am still on this diet as it helps me lose weight.

  2. Hi Irina! I have read about dyshidrotic eczema and I feel for you, having it on the hands is so tough. Nice to know we can commiserate with each other. I did give up the homeopathic treatment because I got discouraged of just trying to throw things at my eczema. I did end up going to another doctor (a naturopathic one, not a homeopath) who gave me some other remedies that didn’t help. Basically I just got tired of spending money on things when just a few years ago I had good skin. Now I know that my skin was flaring up because of being addicted to topical steroids and a remedy wouldn’t help me, so I am done seeing doctors for my skin, at least for a long while. It was a long journey to find this out but ultimately I feel way better taking things into my own hands and not spending hundreds of dollars on doctors. But I do think that homeopathy can really help some people and I hope that you eventually find the improvement you are seeking for your own eczema!

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