Hormonal Imbalance?

Okay, okay, I don’t want it to seem like I’m grasping at straws and eager to throw anything I can at my eczema.  The worst thing you can do is try a bunch of new things, because then if one thing makes it worse (or better), you have to go through and tease out exactly what it was.

HOWEVER.  I stumbled across something very, very interesting last night on the internet.  Link: http://www.gaiascouts.com/skin2/  This girl was blogging about how birth control caused a hormonal imbalance in her body.  She was getting acne all the time that was out of control and would not respond to anything.  There were some big similarities between her case and mine besides the acne versus eczema.

– She had a compromised immune system so the hormonal imbalance was made worse.  (Check… I don’t get sick much because I take very good care of myself by eating clean and exercising, but due to asthma and past mononucleosis, I definitely have a weakened immune system.  When I get sick now, like a cold, I get REALLY REALLY SICK for about 2 days, then things clear up, whereas most people are just kinda sick for like a whole week).

– She had a buildup of yeast in the body (candida) that got worse when she ate sugar.  Gross, yea, I don’t mean like a yeast infection or that kind of sick stuff, I wouldn’t be sharing that if I had those going on, which I don’t.  But I do get weird like tonsil stone things because ever since having mono, my tonsils are scarred and they have pits and they start to collect junk.  And it does get worse when I eat lots of sugar.  Sorry for the gross detail there.

– She was eating a very clean (vegan-ish) diet but this meant there was not enough fat for the hormones to do their thing.  Just like my current diet.

NOW.  Like I said in previous post about BC, everything started months after I started taking it.  Not like immediately, but after enough time where the BC built up in my body and probably threw the hormones all out of wack.  Eczema also got worse around the time I started eating cleaner, which completely puzzled me, and made me think I had to eat even MORE clean.  I was eating like raw kale and beans and stuff (still do) but of course I craved sugar and every single day I have oatmeal with flax seeds and a nice big dose of agave nectar to feed my sugar fix.  And I do give in to having candies and chocolate here and there.

Read her post.  It’s really interesting and because it has so many parallels to mine, I want to pursue this a little further.  I am convinced that my skin rashes have to stem from something being amiss INSIDE my body, because I’ve tried so many things topically on it.

If I have to eat meat again (which I don’t like, and which is gross), I will do it.  I’ll eat friggin liver at every meal and choke it down with a smile if this means that I can have beautiful glowing skin again.

My first step is going to be seeing a holistic health practitioner that will be able to provide insight into if I have a hormone imbalance or not, and what to do.  I know, I know… more doctors and more money spent on them, since I already paid the naturopath bill earlier this month.  Ya know though, you have to go with your intuition.  I remember last YEAR telling my gyno that I wondered if the BC was messing up my system, and she dismissed it.  When you have a gut feeling about something, you have to go with it.

Phone call to the holistic practitioners will be made tomorrow.  I am praying I can get in quickly with an appointment so I can start healing this thing the sooner the better.  My eczema always get worse in the winter what with the cold dry air outside and then the hot air inside from heaters and stuff, so if I can get it under control and have nice skin even in the winter… that will be the true test!  Please God… help the healing process begin!

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3 thoughts on “Hormonal Imbalance?

  1. Courtney says:

    Oh wow, you and I have a ton of similarities. Emailing you back 🙂 Great post!!

  2. Megan says:

    I swear reading this post made me think I had written it. Where do you current live?! As for me when it comes to my period my Eczema tends to get better the week before I start my period, which is strange because many posts that I have read is the other way around. I am hoping that I do have a hormonal imbalance, like you I would kill for normal looking skin again.

    • Hey there! I currently live in the USA. Where are you at? Sorry to hear you are going through skin issues as well :/ I am with you, I get better skin right before my period too. Like my skin gets more oily and less dry. This post that you commented on is an older post, and if you end up reading more of my posts up until recent ones, I found that my skin issue actually stemmed from growing tolerant to topical steroids, and then I would get a ‘rebound rash’, and so I had to stop all steroid creams and go through a pretty grueling months-long withdrawal where I was all red and rashy and itchy and just messed up, LOL. The good news is that now, my skin is almost perfectly clear… YAY! But, I do still think that maybe hormone stuff aggravated it, unless it was just a coincidence. Feel free to email me or comment back if you want to chat more! I hope you find the root cause of what is going on with your own skin!

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