Riding the Eczema Roller Coaster


This pretty much describes my eczema in the last few weeks.  The last post I wrote was around Sept. 7 – On that day, I awoke with terribly dry, irritated, red skin on my face.  By Wednesday, I remember heading out feeling good and looking just fine and my eczema had pretty much cleared up!

Thursday, Sept. 13, I visited the Naturopath.  The great irony of being an eczema sufferer (at least for me) is that my eczema is ALWAYS doing pretty well whenever I see doctors, for whatever reason.  That day was no exception.  I wanted her to see it all flared up and red and nasty, but no dice.

What did the naturopath do, you might ask?  Of course we went through the normal stuff, why I was there, what I’ve tried so far for my symptoms, when it started getting bad, etc.  Then she asked me a bunch of other questions.  She then took pictures of my face from front view and side view, then front view smiling. (she said this was to see any asymmetry).  Well I can tell you right there, my left side of my face is always the worst.  She had the photos on her camera and looked at them for a while.  Then, she got out her case of remedies.  Bottles upon bottles of tiny containers with stuff in them.  There must have been a couple hundred!  So I was starting to get hope – after the money I paid and the questions I answered, SOMEWHERE in that case may be a cure to help me.

She took out one and said we would start with this one, that it was the ‘mother remedy’.  I remember asking her exactly WHAT it was… something starting with an S.  She seemed to mumble it’s name and avoid the subject which made me a little suspicious.  Then she left to go ‘mix’ the remedy with distilled water, and  came back and gave it to me in a glass bottle.  I got very detailed instructions with how to take it and I headed home, eager to try it out.

When I took it later that day, I followed the instructions to the tee.  The remedy did not taste like anything.  I started worrying that what if she gypped me and I am a big sucker that just paid a big fee for a glass bottle full of regular water.  Then I thought I detected a faint aftertaste, and it made me feel a little better that hopefully this whole thing might work for me.

I didn’t notice any difference over the next few days.  Then….

WHAM!  Wednesday was a terrible day for the skin. I woke up with the PUFFIEST-ASS EYE (left eye, ‘problem eye’ as far as skin).  Oh it looked so horrible.  I hurriedly iced it before getting ready for work, but it was still really bad.  I felt like everyone at work was noticing.  And the rest of my skin wasn’t too hot either.  I emailed the naturopath and told her about my adverse effects.  She said maybe the remedy is too strong and that I should stop taking it immediately, and let her know in a few days how I am.

I stopped the remedy!  It has been about 5 days now.  Thurs, I still had a bit of a puffy eye.  Friday was great, no puffy.  Saturday also good.  Today – I did have to ice my eye a little bit and the area around it was really red.

In the meantime, my husband came up with the bright idea that maybe my pillow was aggravating my eczema.  (This was the day I woke up with the puffy eye and was moping around being a general grump and downer and trying to hide from everyone.  He gets tired of his sweet wife turning into such a jerk when she has a flare, lol).  I got this pricy new pillow last Christmas that’s like a memory foam, but it did have a weird smell when I opened it up at first.  His theory was that it was leaching chemicals.  I switched to all-cotton pillows, and yes, I’ve been overall better since puff-day.

Is it THE answer?  I don’t know, but it’s another thing to try!

And hey eczema… can you please let me off the roller coaster?

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