Eczema and…. SEX

What in the world does sex have to do with eczema?  (Other than the fact that when you have eczema really bad, you probably don’t feel too attractive and thus you’re probably not having a ton of sex).

I admit this was kind of a shameless tactic (titling the post provocatively thus making it more sensational and more likely to be read).  But I do have a point.  What I’m really going to talk about related to sex and eczema is…..


Like many women of child bearing age, I went on birth control a few years ago because I wanted to be able to, you know, copulate without procreating (and without having to hassle with the other forms of less reliable contraceptives).  Birth control is one of those pieces in my eczema puzzle that I am considering.  It strangely seemed to coincide with some of my eczema issues.

Before I started taking BC, I ALMOST NEVER had any issues with eczema on my face.  If my fuzzy memory serves me, I would just get a couple manageable spots here and there on my limbs.  Now, it would be a simple thing to blame BC if I started getting face eczema and worse eczema soon after taking it.

But…. I didn’t.  I don’t remember actually having to pay attention to the eczema on my face until last summer.  But if BC is any contributor to the cause, my theory with that would be that it took a while for the stuff to build up in my system and cause issues.  I also read during my research that BC can deplete the B vitamins in your body.  Such a thing would also take months to manifest.  And I probably don’t consume as many B vitamins as the average woman because I’ve been eating a mostly vegan diet for about the past year.  Ad there are tons and tons of women on the internet that will claim BC made their eczema worse.

Months ago, I abruptly stopped taking the stuff.  It was a dark day, my face was rashed, I was sick of eczema, and I was hoping that ridding my system of BC would produce immediate and wonderful results.  (Haha, oh the optimism of the eczema sufferer.  Hope always springs eternal for us but never really materializes).  Did I notice a difference after a few days?  Weeks?  Months?  Not really.  BUT.  If it really was this stuff, it took many months for it to affect my skin, and would assumably take many months to rid my system of it and produce an improvement.


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4 thoughts on “Eczema and…. SEX

  1. Courtney says:

    Interesting, very interesting. It made my face a lot worse too, as you know. Once I got off the pill, my face is back to its old eczema state….not PERFECT but a hell of a lot better. I look like myself again.

    • And you said you saw a really dramatic improvement right away, which is really interesting! No doubt that hormones can really affect skin. I always seem to get better skin around “that time of the month” too, like my skin is a little more oily and less dry, so it looks and feels better.

      • Courtney says:

        YES! I also feel emotionally and mentally the best when I’m on my period. What is that!?! Do you ever feel that way? I feel like my hormones just even out that week.

  2. I know, so weird!! I DO sometimes feel that way! It’s so wacky being female haha. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be male and just have one even-keel level of hormones – no PMS, no chocolate binges, etc. LOL 🙂

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