Sniff, Snuffle, Itch, Whine

That was me today.  Blargh… seasonal allergies strike again.

I’ve had seasonal allergies for YEARS, but I do not ever remember them really affecting my eczema.  Until recently. 😦

Patches of my face have been RIDICULOUSLY dry lately… so dry they were cracking and flaking.  It was maddening, because just a few weeks ago I was doing really good with eczema.

Today, if I wasn’t sniffing, sneezing, and blowing my nose, I was moisturizing my face like mad.  The under-nose area has always been a nemesis of mine, and it doesn’t do it any favors to be constantly wiping my nose either.  Super dry, super parched, my face feels like a desert.  Especially around my eyes.  Which makes me look really special and probably way older than my actual mid-20s age.  I’ve got eyebrow dandruff going on from all the dry skin, for goodness sake!

I remember last fall when I got a cold, and my face got VERRRY dry then as well.  I couldn’t even THINK of leaving the house as my skin was such a flaky wreck, but as I recall it cleared up in a few days.

I’m doing everything I can… good moisturizers, eating healthy foods, drinking water…

Next week I go see a naturopathic doctor.  I’m hoping she will help me shed some more light on eczema.  It’s not right that I have patches that won’t heal, and I don’t want to use any more steroid creams or Elidel which doesn’t work for me anyway.


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