Clubbin’ with the Itchies

This past weekend, I was invited to an event taking place at a bar/club.  I do love to dance, but I don’t drink (alcohol is yet another thing that is bad for my eczema, I’ve found), so I’m not a frequent visitor to such establishments.  Pre-event, I was tearing my closet apart deciding WHAT to wear, and the following is my guide for clubbing with the itchies (i.e., how to look and feel good at the bar or club even if you have eczema):

Understand that it is okay to have eczema, it’s not always under your control, and you may need to plan your outfit carefully to conceal/reveal accordingly.  For example, my legs were not really up to par that day and had some eczema breakouts, so I immediately nixed the idea of wearing a skirt or shorts.

Also understand that even if YOU are self-conscious about your eczema, chances are it is something a lot of people won’t even notice.  And it’s dark in bars and clubs, and people are drinking, and have blurry eyesight and all that.  They are probably going to be focused on pounding their next shot or grinding with a hottie, not your skin.

Understand that YES, you can look sexy/cute/hot (I’m writing this mainly for females, being one) and still be rather covered up.  Maybe you wear a nice tight pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt if you HAVE to, but say you wear a really sexy high heel and you have some fab jewelry.  I guarantee no one is going to give a second thought to wondering why you’re not in teensy clothing.

And hell, this is the place to show cleavage if you want to.  Maybe you want to cover up your arms but you can rock a plunging neckline – go for it!  Eyes will immediately be drawn away from any eczema.  Not too much cleavage, or you look sleazy.  I’m small chested, so that’s not an accessory I get to utilize, anyhow.

Another tip that I use in daily life, not just at the club or bar, is the visual trick of often wearing patterns/prints/stripes, etc.  They keep the eye moving, making it less likely that attention is drawn to your eczema.  If you wear a single solid color on top (especially with no accessories like earrings or necklace or cleavage), the eye is going to automatically be drawn up to your face.  Now of course, you can use that trick to your advantage if you WANT the attention on your face.  It’s all about balance.  You never want to look too ‘busy’ or overdone (i.e., don’t wear prints, lots of jewelry, AND lots of makeup in the same outfit!)

For makeup – always focus on either the eyes or lips – not both.  I am not a fan of the understated eye yet real glossy, dramatic lip look, but it’s a suggestion if, say, you had eczema near your eyes and did not want to wear a ton of eye makeup.  I personally always like to go for some nice eyeliner and a super-long lash look with mascara, maybe a smoky eye, and just a light natural gloss on the lips.

But for this event, my ARMPITS have been itchy and rashy, so I was annoyed by that and was going to wear a simple, very tight black t-shirt, with expensive jeans and some shiny black snakeskin-print heels and jewelry.

But I decided it was a little too dressy for this place, and last minute I changed to wearing same jeans, but a lacy racerback tank, shiny flat sandals, and bronze/shell jewelry.  It wasn’t really a place where I planned on dancing and raising my arms all about, so no one was going to see my armpit rash.

Best accessory – SMILE!  People always, always, ALWAYS look more attractive when they are smiling and having a good time.  I smiled, I laughed, I had fun, and my eczema did not cross my mind the whole night!

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