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I tried to write a whole big post the other day, but WordPress was being weird and would not upload my photos, and then swallowed my post.

My skin is going kind of haywire lately and I really am not sure what to do.  I have had a few sneaking suspicions ranging from the plausible (I’ve been using a sunscreen moisturizer over the past few months and maybe the sunscreen is just too strong for my skin – even though it’s zinc oxide and titanium dioxide – the sunscreen ingredients recommended for sensitive skin)  to the possible, but perhaps impractical (My car has had a busted A/C system for about a year, and smells funny and chemical-y – wondering if the coolant fumes or whatever they are, are ravaging my skin). 

I have multiple areas that WILL NOT HEAL, and now they are flaring up.  They are super random areas, too.  (Right inner thigh.  Armpits.  Patch on back of neck.  Patch under chin. Patch by left eyebrow.  Patch under nose.  Spot under eye.  Right middle finger knuckles).    In addition to this, I’ve acquired some lovely blotchy red patches that come and go –  on my forehead and around my eyes that are not itchy nor dry, just red and unsightly.  In addition to the other patches on my face, I am certainly looking and feeling very special (sarcasm).

So, there are some things I am going to do or have been doing.

  1. This is the most recent topical skin medication that I was prescribed.  I could write an entire post about skin creams, and I might, but let us just note that Protopic, Desonide, and Momentasone are all creams I have used that are not satisfactory in one way or another.  Elidel, now I can’t really tell a difference if it works or not.  It is supposed to act as an immunosuppressant to stop your skin’s immune reaction, rather than a steroid cream.  Therefore you don’t get the nasty steroid side effects like skin lightening and thinning.  When I use this on itchy patches, it seems to help a little bit, but never really cures anything.  There are also patches on my face that, while red, flaky, and dry, are not usually itchy.  I am theorizing that I should not over-medicate, and therefore I’m only using Elidel on portions that REALLY DO itch.

2. I have been researching naturopathic dermatologists.  There aren’t really any near me, and the ones I found seem to be just overall naturopaths and not necessarily focused on dermatology.  I have been feeling for months like I am ‘imbalanced’- just a gut feeling.  More on that in another post.  I eat an extremely decent, near-vegan diet.  I don’t think it’s my diet, or if it is, something is blocking vitamins and/or minerals from doing their job so my skin can’t heal.  Conventional dermatologists don’t do anything but try and hand out creams, and I am tired of creams.

3. I got some new PSICO creams to try from, since they are not sold in stores.  I was usin Vanicream, but it has petroleum jelly and I am still on the fence about using that.  Vaniply has dimethicone and no petroleum, but has about the same texture as petroleum jelly, without the long-lasting shine but still moisturization.  I find it very good.  Vitec Vitamin E lotion has a thinner texture and is not as thick.  I also got the sport sunscreen but have not tried it yet.






4. I’ve stopped using ALL my Paula’s Choice products except for the cleanser, which has always been very mild and nicely cleansing for me.


I had a whole routine going with Paula’s Choice a few months ago, having purchased the entire gamut of skincare (cleanser, toner, serum, exfoliant, moisturizer).  For a few weeks, I had the most beautiful skin (for me, at least).  I was writing the company a letter of praise and rejoicing, for goodness sake!  Then, things went south, the exfoliant dried me out, and I started phasing them back out JUST IN CASE it’s these products causing my ballistic skin.  The only other product I was using up until a few days ago was the moisturizer with sunscreen, but I stopped with that.

  • So my current skincare routine is as follows:
  • * Wash face with Paula’s Choice RESIST Optimal Hydrating Cleanser, using washcloth to very gently exfoliate any flaky spots.
  • * Elidel (if needed) over any true, itchy eczema spots.
  • * Rub pure olive oil into any troublesome dry spots as a base for the lotion and extra layer of moisturizing.
    * Layer of Vitec Vitamin E Lotion over face.
    * Layer of Vaniply ointment over trouble spots.
    * If doing this in the morning, utilize concealer (Origins Quick, Hide! Concealer) over any trouble spots.  Now.  It’s a vicious cycle because, I know that wearing makeup over trouble spots is probably not as good as letting them fly free.  This is a very highly rated makeup by Beautypedia and has a simple, paraben-free formula.  I think this is about one of the best working concealers I could use for eczema.  Plus, it covers decently without creasing and lasts a long time.  That being said, I cannot let my face go into the workplace sans concealer at this point, as much as I would like to.  My GOAL is to not need ANY concealer!!

Please, skin.  Get better soon.  I’m tired of obsessing over you!

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