Battle of the Jellies

There are some areas on my face that are just maddeningly dry lately, made all the more annoying by the fact that (during the summer, at least), I have kind of an oily forehead that’s prone to breaking out if I use a really thick cream all over my face.  It always boggles my mind how one area of skin can be oily, then literally centimeters away, it’s like the Sahara Desert of Skin.  Combination skin, indeed.

So I take to using some kind of jelly at night over the dry patches.  I have been using Aquaphor for a really long time….

…. then I started doing some research for my own and found out all sorts of bad rap about it, and very conflicting information.  Claims about it’s badness: it’s not ‘natural”, it’s made from the same stuff as gasoline, it is such a thick film that it doesn’t allow your skin to ‘breathe’ and heal, it will give you wrinkles.  And of course we all know the good claims touted: it’s very mild, it will form a protective barrier over skin and let it heal, etc. etc.

I thought critically about Aquaphor and noted, in my personal experience – I can’t really use it around my eyes because they will itch a little bit.  Not a big massive itch, just a here-and-there annoying little sometimes itch.  It’s never really made my skin HEAL, although it hasn’t made it worse.

So, kind of sobered by these claims, I sought out another jelly to try.

The Un-Petroleum Jelly.

How does it compare?  The ‘tackiness’ of it, if that makes sense, doesn’t last nearly as long as Aquaphor or regular Vaseline.  And it has a very, very slight mild scent (probably the beeswax).

BUT, I thought “Oh, this is all natural, this has to be better for me!!”  So I was using it, and it was kind of Eh.  Not great, not bad.  HOWEVER, here comes my lesson in why you should always read ingredients, or go back and RE-read them.  UnPetroleum Jelly has coconut oil.  And I talked about my suspicion with being sensitive to coconut a few blogs back.  [Oh!  Also, the other day, I ate a Larabar that was Coconut flavor.  My mouth began to get a bit itchy and the area under my nose (problem area) flared up a little bit.  Since this happened very soon after bar consumption, I do attribute coconut as being a problem and now I know to GET IT THE HECK OUT of my diet and body care.]

So now I made another connection – the area around my eyes has been really dry and bad looking.  As well as some trouble spots on my neck that just don’t heal.  I was putting UnPetroleum Jelly on them at night AND morning under my moisturizer since those areas are dry… And they were not getting any better, in fact maybe worse!

And now that I think back a few days, the day my skin looked absolutely the best was the day I did not use any UnPetroleum Jelly.  BING!  In the battle of the Jellies, now I know what to avoid.  Let’s see if this clears up my rough patches and takes me a step further toward Eczema Excellence!

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