Solving another Food Mystery!

I mentioned in another post that my eczema took a turn for the worse around a year ago in July.  I was using NO DIFFERENT products on my face and had been racking my brain since LAST YEAR trying to figure out what could be different!  And I haven’t come to these revelations until I actually started WRITING THINGS DOWN in THIS BLOG and thinking critically.

Well, if it wasn’t what I put on my face… it must be something that I was putting IN my body.  So here is my food saga since that time last year:

Last July, I attempted to give up dairy in hopes of helping my eczema.  Dairy is a huge allergen and I really don’t think people should be eating it anyway, even if they aren’t allergic or sensitive.  I’d like to make this blog all science-y and backed up by research if I had more time, but suffice to say you can do your own research and find out about all the problems dairy causes.  If nothing else, try giving it up for a couple weeks and see what happens.


So I all but gave up dairy (succumbing to a slice of pizza every now and then), and my eczema DID improve, as well as my nasal allergies.  But I still HAD eczema, and it would ebb and flow… I thought there had to be something else.

Oh yeah, around that time, I started phasing out meat as well, moving toward my eventual goal of a totally vegan diet.  I do eat mostly vegan, but I’m not there yet…. I still feel awkward in social situations being “that person” with special food needs, and sometimes wind up eating meat or a tad bit of dairy to save face.  Oh, and I also don’t eat citrus or tomatoes, because I found those seemed to make my eczema worse too and make my mouth itch.  So yea, I have special food needs and going out to eat is a lot of fun with trying to find something that will not contain meat, dairy, citrus, or tomatoes!!


But, you can imagine my frustration when I started eating a lot cleaner and my eczema was still in flux!  I started to doubt my diet… .Did I really need meat and dairy after all?  Was eliminating them making my eczema worse?

It wasn’t until the other day when it occurred to me that I may have solved another food mystery!

Following the coffee revelation, my skin was unusually clear and nice.  It dawned upon me that, along with booting out coffee, I had not been eating any foods containing SOY in the past couple days, and I usually do (being quasi-vegan and all).

Wow. That’s a lot of soy food to avoid.

If you google “eczema and soy”, allergies are all over the internet.  It’s definitely something to try giving up if you are at the end of your rope with other food eliminations.

So I did another test.  I had some ”fake meat” (soy bacon) on hand.  Made a little soy bacon sandwich at night, woke up the next day – eczema was a tad worse.  Ate soy bacon sandwiches again for lunch – eczema just a tad worse, more so.

I didn’t start eating more soy foods until eating more vegan – around July last year… BING BING BING!  We may have a winner!  Is soy my dietary ticket to rashiness?  I’m going to completely phase it out for a few weeks and see.

In the meantime, I have a lot of beans to cook…. without soy, it is going to be interesting getting my protein from a vegan source.  Thank goodness I don’t have any nut allergies either!

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