Whenever I come across this ad in a magazine, it always strikes me as a cruel jab to us eczema sufferers.  OF COURSE these models all have perfect, silky smooth skin.  They probably wake up that way and have never known eczema.  An ad should be made for eczema awareness saying, “Imagine always wanting to hide”, or “Imagine always having something to hide”.

If you have eczema, perhaps the following statements will resound with you:

* You have a “good side” and a “bad side” to your face, and on bad eczema days, you’ll calculate where you should sit in a social setting, so you can present your best side and hide your bad one.

* You’re that person wearing jeans or pants when everyone else has shorts on, because your legs are just not having a good eczema day and to present them in public would be very self-conscious provoking.

* You buy or choose clothing based on your eczema – for example, say you own a couple turtlenecks if you know you have real sensitive skin on your neck that could easily break out.

* You have scars all over your body, so that even on a GOOD day you’re really imperfect, but you try to suck it up and tell yourself you are beautiful!  (Which you are!  And I am too!  Yay positivity!)

Right now it is summer, and I am having fun, but there are a couple things I DO want to hide.  First, my legs have not been looking so hot lately.  It’s 90 degrees, I’m relatively young, my legs are in shape, and I want to wear shorts to work, but the legs are just not quite presentable.  Good enough for around the house, not so much out in public where I work closely with people.  I thought maybe the coconut oil and natural lotion was making things bad, so I switched to jojoba oil and have been using that for a few days.

Second, my friggin’ ARMPITS have been irritated and rashy for weeks off and on!  Who gets sensitive armpit skin?  One of my next posts is going to be about the wonderful world of deodorants and which ones you should stay away from.

But I must be thankful that lately, my face has been pretty good.  Actually, today I went out wearing barely a spot of cover-up, when last week I had some really red patches.  I’ve given up coffee and there are a couple other food items I am going to try eliminating from my diet.  Another future post will entail what I eat and what I don’t, and my daily skincare routine that seems to be working well for me.

Imagine having LOTS to hide!

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